2021 Coastal VA Plein Air Artists at COVA Brewing

Spotlights on 2022 Coastal VA Plein Air Artists

Coastal VA Plein Air is excited to have eighteen talented artists join us for the 2022 Coastal VA Plein Air Festival taking place April 20-24, 2022.

During the first few days and evenings, these artists will paint at various sites throughout the broader Tidewater community, as they paint seascapes, cityscapes, gardens, architecture, and favorite landmarks, among other subjects.  A glimpse into each participating artist, their lives, and their work, can be found below.  

2022 Coastal VA Plein Air Judge and Participating Artist 

Lynn Mehta – We are honored to announce that the extraordinary fine artist Lynn Mehta will serve as our 2022 judge for the plein air competition. Lynn will paint with the competition artists during the week and her work will be available for sale, although not eligible for judging. Joining us from Alexandria, Virginia, Lynn is recognized for her loose impressionistic oil paintings abundant with color and paint. She says that it is important for her to create a painting which is interesting both up close and further away in order to engage the imagination . Learn more about Lynn and her work at www.lynnmehta.com.

2022 Participating Artists

Gina Buzby – Originally from South Carolina, Gina now calls Norfolk, VA home where she has a studio and continues her artistic pursuits.  With her husband retired from the military, she has traveled extensively and had opportunities to paint and teach throughout the United States and in many countries throughout the world. To learn more and see her work, visit 


Doug Clarke – Based out of Virginia Beach, Doug works in oils creating plein air and studio paintings. He has been commissioned to paint both Harborfest and Neptune festival posters. Painting “en plein air” supports his passion for capturing light and nature in his own personal way and painting vanishing landscapes of Southeastern Virginia.  Visit his website to learn more about him and his award-winning artwork at www.liquidmethod.com. 

Karen Lee Crenshaw – We are pleased to have Karen join us from North Carolina this year.  Karen loves the beautiful coast, marshes, rivers, lakes, and the vessels that sail on them. Her landscape paintings capture the quality of light including the pinkish blue-tones of early morning light or the amber tones of the late afternoon . To see Karen’s work go to www.KarenLeeCrenshaw.com.

Vlad Duchev – Born in Ukraine , Vlad was influenced by the art of Russian-Ukrainian impressionists as he grew up . Although taking a musical path in his early life, he continued studying painting and moved to the United States in 1994. After almost 20 years of not painting, he returned to his passion and now has a rule of painting daily. Learn more about Vlad at www.vladduchev.com.

Joanne Geisel Joanne describes herself as in America impressionist painter whose original oil paintings reflect her love of the coastal landscape. Now living in North Carolina, she has the immersed herself in painting, exhibiting, and teaching art. Find out more about Joanne at www.JoanneGeisel.com  

David Heath – Born in Newport News, VA, David began his career in commercial art. Now a contemporary artist, his paintings reflect his love of  beauty and significance.  Contemporary with respect to technique, style, and vision, Heath’s paintings still invite comparison with works from the past masters of 19th century American landscape painting; his work relates to that of these artists regarding a shared concern for detail, finish, composition, color, light, and atmosphere.  Learn more about David and his work at www.davidheathart.com.

Catherine HillisBased in Locust Grove, Virginia, Catherine works both outdoors and in the studio. She has traveled extensively during the past several years to plein air competitions and has earned many notable awards and served as an artist in residence in Dinan, France and at Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.  To see her work, visit: www.catherinehillis.com.

Pearl Horng – Growing up in Virginia and Maryland, Pearl did not begin painting seriously until she completed her medical training.  However, she knew even as a child that art was her true passion and calling.  She is drawn to the rawness and vibrancy of impressionism.  The effect of light and shadow, the variety of shapes and textures, and the representation of nature is what she strives to capture in her paintings. Learn more about Pearl and her work at www.horngstudio.com.

Greg Johannesen – Hailing from Maryland, Greg says that plein air enables him to balance artistic forces while liberating his creativity.  Hallmarks of his pastel paintings include vivid colors and strong forms. To learn more about Greg, visit www.gregjohannsen.com

Diane Leifheit – Diane has been painting plein air in pastels for over 20 years.  Home-based in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, color is what grabs her attention.  The medium of pastel allows her to construct a close interpretation of a particular landscape but allows her the freedom to capture a mood in a work. To see Diane’s work and learn more, visit www.dianeleifheit.com. 

Elisabeth McGinn – Using the play of light and shadows, Elisabeth captures the feeling of her subject using loose, impressionistic brush strokes.  She is drawn to rural scenes and waterways.  To learn more visit:  www.elisabethmcginn.com 

John MeyersJohn Meyers is an award winning plein air artist who lives in a small coastal community on the Chesapeake Bay. His paintings often depict the rhythmic movement of water, ever changing reflections of light and color, and the feelings of a salty atmosphere. A native of the Mission San Jose district of California and a frequent traveler to the Georgia O’Keeffe area of Northern New Mexico, John’s paintings also reflect the sentient nature of structures and landscapes. Picturesque marine and seascapes, tranquil morning haze, and contemplative reflections are brought to life with a narrative that draws you into his experience. See more about John’s work at www.johnmeyersart.com. 

Maria Reardon – A Virginia native and country girl at heart, Maria’s passion is plein air painting and the authentic experience of working directly from life. She loves that this experience is different and exciting every time. Working in pastels and oils, she uses vibrant colors in an energetic painterly fashion to capture the light and mood of the location. For more information about Maria, visit www.mariareardon.com.

Orit Reuben – Orit is an impressionist painter who delights in sunny day painting and is inspired by light effects.  She is based in Florida and loves painting in locations that include a combination of architecture and nature.  Her instinct for color results in playful and colorful interpretations of nature.  More information about Orit can be found at www.oritreuben.com.

Elizabeth Rhoades – An impressionist landscape painter, Elizabeth’s work is characterized by vibrant color and sensitivity to the natural forms and light in the landscape.  There is an emotional quality in her work that brings peace and tranquility to the viewer, while at the same time having a distinct vitality through her use of color.  Her preference is in paining nature, undisturbed by human intervention.  To see more about Elizabeth and her work, visit www.elizabethrhoades.com.

Stacy Rogers – Stacy, a Lewes, DE resident has painted competitively in nearly all major plein air festivals from Virginia to upstate New York.  In 2010, he was instrumental is establishing a Bucks County plein air painting group that grew to 50 members. To see Stacy’s work and learn more about him visit his website at http://jstacyrogers.com.

Jennifer Young – Jennifer loves working in nature as it challenges her to have a deeper understanding of the interplay of light, color, and atmosphere distilled in the present moment. She finds great inspiration in exploring new environments and working along other artists.  Learn more about Jennifer at www.jenniferyoung.com