Pearl Horng

Pearl Horng

I have always been drawn to the rawness and vibrancy of impressionism.  What pulls me into a work of art is the effect of light and shadow, variety in shapes and textures, and the representation of nature as it is — as imperfect as it is.  This is what I strive to capture in my paintings.  My goal is to beautifully render a suggestion, a thought, or an idea, and bring into focus what is fleeting and temporary in everyday life.

What I am striving for now is variety in subject matter, experimenting with key and temperature relationships, and learning to “see” better by painting outdoors as much as possible.  I find the greatest joy in true light and loose brushwork.

I grew up between Virginia and Maryland and started painting with oils in my mid-20’s, but did not pursue art seriously until my early 30’s until after I completed my medical training.  I have known since I was a child that art was my true passion and calling, and that I would always circle back to it and find it again.  Working with my current mentor, Robin Caspari, I've learned to paint more expressively and to use light and shadow to the fullest to create depth and liveliness in my paintings.  I attended a workshop with Derek Penix in June of 2021 which inspired me to focus on shape variety and value and temperature relationships in order to capture the essence of my subjects.  I was also briefly mentored by Alison Menke and credit her for instilling my first interest in abstract impressionism, and setting me on the course of plein air painting.  

Recent Events, Shows, and Awards

Tidelands Plein Air, October 2021

Suffolk Plein Air Invitational, juried plein air competition, September 2021;  Quick Draw event, Third Place

Crossroads Art Center Juried All-Media Show, September 2021

Crossroads Art Center Juried All-Media Show, November 2021 (accepted)