Pearl Horng, Midlothian, Virginia

Pearl is an award-winning plein air and studio painter living in Midlothian, Virginia.  What pulls her into a work of art is the effect of light and shadow, variety in shapes and edges, and the raw feeling of an expressive piece.  She enjoys loose brushwork and the wealth of opportunity that opens up when painting in true light.  Her goal is to beautifully render a suggestion, a thought, or an idea, and capture what is fleeting and temporary in everyday life -- typically scenes in nature -- in her chosen medium of oils.  She enjoys using light and brushwork to create depth and liveliness in her paintings.  

What she is striving for now is variety in subject matter and composition, experimenting with key and temperature relationships, and achieving a sense of rhythm within her work.  She follows in the tradition of impressionists before her and is an Associate Member of the American Impressionist Society.  She continues to paint at plein air competitions along the east coast and her work can be viewed at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, Virginia.