Our 2023 Coastal VA Plein Air Farewell Event took place on Wednesday, April 19 through Sunday, April 23 in Norfolk, Virginia.

We had a fantastic event!  Nineteen artists from the Mid-Atlantic region traveled to Norfolk to participate in this fundraising initiative.  We raised enough funds to begin working on our next public art acquisition with Norfolk Arts in a public-private initiative to bring public art to our Ocean View (Norfolk) community.  We are also funding two summer arts camps for children at the Ocean View Recreation Center in 2023. Our sincere appreciation to our volunteers, sponsors, patrons, and especially to our fine artists for supporting our mission to bring art to our community.  

2023 Awards

What's next?

We'll be working on securing our next public art sculpture and the Children's Art Camp, then we'll be taking a break for 2024.

We'll keep you up to date with major developments as they occur.

Thank you for your support of Coastal VA Plein Air.