Debra Dartez, Chesapeake, Virginia


After spending a childhood in love with drawing, and then discovering painting as a teenager, Debra Dartez went on to graduate with a degree in Studio Art and later, Medical Illustration. After several years as an illustrator where her love of realism developed, she eventually moved on to her first creative passion: painting.  As a military wife and mother, her life has taken her coast to coast, all the while encountering new climates and cultures along the way. The infinite variety of scenery from all over the country has intensified her love of the outdoors, which serves as the main inspiration for her work. She’s also inspired by the peace, calm, and tranquility that solitude in nature brings, as well as the beauty found in ordinary life.  Her love of painting Plein Air and the rich textures of oil paints shines through her paintings in a detailed and slightly impressionistic manner.