Greg Johannesen, Southern Maryland

Greg Johannesen, Plein Air Artist, Southern Maryland

I was born and raised in Virginia and have been creating art all of my life. I was first recognized for my talent while in first grade, receiving an art award for a Thanksgiving scene. I have not stopped drawing or painting since.

The outdoors and nature have always been part of my art experience. Early on I showed an affinity for nature by drawing wildlife. Later on, that interest manifested in drawings and paintings of beach and waterway scenes.
I followed that passion for art and received a degree from Tidewater Community College for Advertising Design with a minor in Drawing before attending Virginia Commonwealth University where I earned a BFA in Illustration.

I have been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for over 20 years. But, It was not until I married and moved to Southern Maryland that I opened my own studio where I currently work full-time as a fine artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. I can now freely work on expressing my art using the Chesapeake Bay area as my inspiration.