Gina Warren Buzby, Norfolk, Virginia

Gina Warren Buzby, Plein Air Artist, Norfolk, VA

Gina Warren Buzby: Originally from South Carolina, I grew up with Epilepsy and quickly learned that my artistic ability was both a source of coping but also confidence. I was blessed to have a family that encouraged me throughout my artistic journey. I earned a double major B.A. in Art and Advertising, worked in the Graphic Design field and later earned my Masters degree in Education. As a Navy Spouse, I moved every 17 months but was afforded the opportunity to paint and teach, privately, in many of our United States and abroad. My work continues to win awards and I am honored to be in both private and public collections around the world. Now, I love living in Coastal Virginia and having my own East Beach studio in which I can continue artistic pursuits, paint commissioned pieces and teach both adults and children customized art lessons.  My website is with a link to both Instagram and Facebook.