Elisabeth McGinn, Norfolk, VA

Elisabeth McGinn


Elisabeth has sketched since childhood.

In 2002, while living in California, she began painting in oils, learning the techniques of Plein air.

She entered some local shows and won some awards, including two “Best of Shows”. She was accepted into her first gallery in 2003.

Elisabeth has been a US Navy spouse for 33 years, and also a homeschool mom of their three children. This has had a huge impact on her painting because they’ve not lived longer than 5 years in any location- she’s learned not to waste time getting “plugged in” to the area’s art scene.

She’s lived and taught painting classes in California, Connecticut and Virginia, as well as Italy. She’s been a part of galleries in all those locations as well.

She also created a painting retreat in Florence, Italy. There were two sessions of 9 days each, with 26 people attending, which meant Elisabeth spent a month in Florence- it was a fantastic experience!

Elisabeth and her husband are back in Virginia for a second, and last tour, hoping to make it their “forever home.”