Joanne Geisel, Wilmington, North Carolina

Joanne Geisel - Coastal VA Plein Air Artist

Award winning artist, Joanne Q. Geisel describes herself as an America Impressionist painter whose original oil paintings depict the Carolina coast, its beaches, skies, marshes and cottages. Joanne is on the faculty of the Cameron Art Museum School and teaches in many other venues in the area.  Her paintings can be found in a number of North Carolina galleries, several corporate collections and many private collections.

"I enjoy oil painting “plein air”, directly from nature.  It is the challenge of painting outdoors that I find particularly fascinating, because of the opportunity to deeply appreciate and connect with the life and beauty of my subject.   My goal is to capture the unique light, color, and atmosphere of the subject matter and my emotional reaction to it.  Additional interests are painting portraits, the human figure and still lifes.  Through my paintings, I attempt to bring the viewer to a greater appreciation and, in some cases, a different perspective on what they see in the natural environment. "