Thomas Bradshaw - Richmond, Virginia

Thomas Bradshaw, Plein Air Artist, Blackstone, VA

Richmond based Plein air artist, Thomas Bradshaw, has been honing his painting skills since he was a small child watching his grandmother create still life paintings in her basement studio. After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Graphic Design, he moved west to Jackson Hole, Wy where his evolution into a Plein air artist began to take shape. 

Having always loved the outdoors, Thomas began to paint in and around Jackson Hole setting up his easel to capture the breathtaking western landscapes.  He soon realized it was the perfect marriage of his two passions, painting and being in nature.

“Jackson Hole was a place where I could immerse myself in the style of art that has always been my first love”. Thomas often says “ I have always loved seeing a painterly painted painting”.

His loose painterly style allows him to imply detail without overstating it. Using brushwork and a palette knife to create a textural impression which draws the viewer in for a closer look. Utilizing a limited palette, Thomas is able to create shimmering light through temperature and  value and bring to life the way in which it illuminates the scene as a single moment in time. Painting  Plein air forces the artist to recognize that light is the heart of any painting and that light is the quality that inspires the dynamic nature of the landscape.