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Art is for everyone.  Every person, no matter one's age or life experience, can be touched by the beauty, imagination, and benefits of art.

Bringing fine art to the community -- beautiful art that reflects our extraordinary coastal location in Ocean View -- is the mission of Coastal VA Plein Air.

Coastal VA Plein Air is bringing local, regional, and nationally known plein air artists to paint throughout our beautiful area.  The artists paint “en plein air” (in the open air) during the first few days of the event, which are followed by a series of ticketed and free events.

Funds raised by Coastal Virginia Plein Air are used to support community-oriented initiatives.  Learn more about how the funds are utilized by visiting our Giving Back page.

Art truly has the power to build community.

Coastal Va Plein Air Artists 2018

2021 Coastal VA Plein Air Artists - The Hampton Roads Show

2019 Coastal VA Plein Air featured on The Hampton Roads Show

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